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Health Coaching Program

Are you stressed or have very little energy from lack of sleep? Do you struggle with weight fluctuations, body image issues or skin problems? Have you been failing to keep up with a fitness routine or healthy eating regimen? Do you do something for YOU each and every day? How much of a priority is your health and well-being? In my 3 and 6 month Health Coaching Program, I would be supporting you to make step-by-step, easily integrated food and lifestyle choices. We would meet, Skype/FaceTime or call twice a month. During that time, I will provide you with guidance, advice and a listening ear. You will receive plenty of handouts with healthy eating/cooking tips, recipes and other helpful exercises to get you aligned with your goals. And it’s not just about the food! We will look at your life holistically to really get to the root causes of your behavioral and eating patterns. This method works so well because I hold you accountable to your goals, motivating you to achieve them! Together, we can help reduce stress, lose weight, get more active and increase confidence!

When you really take the time out for YOU and your self-care, magically everything else in life starts to fall into place. When you’re happy, that’s the frequency you send out to the universe and only good things can come back to you and I truly do believe that!

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Yoga and Pilates Lessons

In addition to Health Coaching, Amanda can also coach you with Private lessons in Yoga and Pilates to achieve optimal results in your work out routine. She believes the combination of the two create the best results. Yoga is great for breathing, calming the mind, and reliving stiffness in the whole body while moving the spine in all sorts of healthy directions. Pilates is for core/abdominal strength (the pelvic floor) and toning the whole body while specifically engaging the deeper muscles for increased strength and definition. The great thing about both of these exercise routines is that all you need is a Yoga mat to start!

Fascial Stretch Therapy

"Yoga For Lazy People "

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a type of release therapy where the therapist stretches you on a massage table in a passive state. FST is one of the most effective manual therapy & movement training methods. The therapist accesses the joint capsule to increase range of motion to better facilitate fascial and muscular stretching. It enhances & integrates with all training and therapy approaches creating a balanced approach towards full body mobility, performance enhancement and faster recovery.